"Females in Action is dedicated to empowering and uplifting less fortunate women through community-driven initiatives. Our mission is to foster a supportive environment where women from all walks of life can access resources, education, and opportunities to enhance their well-being. By promoting unity, resilience, and sustainable change, Females in Action aims to create a brighter future for all, ensuring that no woman is left behind. Together, we strive to build a community where every woman has the tools and support she needs to lead a fulfilling and dignified life." 

Upcoming Agenda/Topics:

• Achieving Optimal Work/Life Balance.

• High Performance Remote & Hybrid Teams.

• Characteristics of Highly Successful Women.

• Become the Authentic Leader You Envision.

• Conflict Resolution and Finding Common Ground.

• Diversity & Inclusion in Practice: What's Working.

• Effective Communication: Using Your Voice.

• Emotional Intelligence and Building a Great Culture.

• Social Media & their Role in the Workplace; Branding Yourself

• Health & Wellness for Team Success.

• How to Thrive in a Male-Dominated Environment.

• Overcoming Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome.